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Hired Based on Style and Experience

Without quite knowing what I was doing, I had been in Canada for four years. I lived these four years of immigrant life like a fish in the water, feeling its warmth or chill that only I can tell. Carelessness caused me to be cheated out of all my money. With no other recourse left to me, I had to resort to litigation.

There are thousands of lawyers in North America, and I met with three of them. Through someone’s introduction, I came to the renowned Mr. Charles Wagner’s office. After our initial meeting that lasted almost two hours, I immediately decided to hire him as my lawyer based on his style and experience.

After nearly a year, and close to thirty thousand dollars worth of lawyer’s fees, I got the outcome that he had expected I was awarded major compensation. Only when I received my bill for fees owed did I realize that my fees had in fact been reduced by $10,000. People say that lawyers are crooks, but I was lucky enough to find a lawyer like him. With his reputation, he could very well have used the time that he spent on me to handle a more major case.

In Canada where I have no one to depend on, the feeling of being helped is so precious. Nobody likes the hassle of being involved in litigation; but at least when it happens, knowing where you can turn to for help is nevertheless a fortunate thing.

I thank this barrister from the bottom of my heart, and it is my honour to refer him to anyone I know who requires help.

Cost Efficient and Effective

275 Madison Ave
6 th floor
212 828 30 11 t

November 9, 2005

Dear Charles Wagner,

We would like to thank you for you assistance in the resolution of several sensitive litigious matters.

Your out of the box approach and resolve proved cost efficient and effective in our avoiding expensive litigation. I would not hesitate to make use of your services again if needed.

With Gratitude.

David Zaikin, Chairman and CEO

Very Good, Thorough and Knowledgeable

Dear Charles Wagner,

I wanted to take the time to say thank you for a job well done. I have been in business for over 40 years and dealt with many lawyers. I found you and your associates to be very good, thorough and knowledgeable. Your experience combined with your willingness to listen and understanding of family dynamics helped. Now that things are resolved I appreciated your counsel about how to approach our family dispute and the priority of not destroying family relationships. It’s been my good fortune to have dealt with some excellent lawyers over the years and I include you in that group.

Thanks a lot Charles.


Tough, No-nonsense Approach

Dear Charles Wagner,

I wish to thank you for your recent assistance on a matter that had been on going for several years.

As you know our previous counsel had issued several letters to another business in an effort to cause them to stop certain practices that were having a negative impact on our operations and brand reputation. After each letter was issued, the conduct would stop, only to start up again several months later. With the most recent incident, we knew a simple lawyer’s letter would not be sufficient to convince these individuals to permanently cease these damaging practices. The advice of existing counsel at the time was simply not providing us with a quick and permanent resolution of this matter.

After talking to you about this issue I was confident the tough, no-nonsense approach you recommended would bring a permanent resolution. I was not disappointed. Not only has the other business permanently stopped the offending practices; you were also successful in recovering costs and obtaining a judgment against them.

Although this matter was not of immediately significant monetary value, it was important to us, the conduct of our business and the protection of our good name and reputation. Thanks to you, the issue has been permanently resolved without long and drawn out litigation.

Yours truly,

Andrew Soward

Corporate Controller
Canroof Corporation Inc.

Reliable, Fast, Friendly and Professional

Dear Charles Wagner,

Shannon and I would like to take a moment and thank you for your services.

From the first moment we spoke with Katherine and she passed our call straight to you personally, even though you were in a meeting. We were impressed with you and your staffs’ instant and swift responses to our case and complicated needs.

From the beginning of the whole process to the end of the settlement, you and your staff maintained reliable, fast, friendly and professional service.

We appreciate your patience and the extra time you took to explain all the legal documents and to make sure that we understood how the process worked, as we had never been in this situation before.

Thank you Charles, and your staff, again for making us feel safe and protected with your law firm. We wish you great success in the future!


Shannon and Keith

Left No Stone Unturned

Dear Charles Wagner,

I am writing on behalf of not only myself, but my brother Stefano as well.

We had originally come to you regarding our complex property issue that was wearing us down , both mentally and physically, not to mention financially! Once we had discussed the situation with you (which, up to that point and time, had taken almost 4 years with no results to show for it), you immediately proceeded with our case.

Within a few weeks, not only had you gathered valuable information that we were not aware of, you left no stone unturned. Any and every possible avenue was considered in your desire to help us with our case. You explained to us each and every scenario that could arise in the future, thereby giving us your recommended course of action that best suited us and our situation.

There is a famous idiom which states how people have raised the bar to another level. This is how we view your dedication to our property issue: You ARE the standard by which all law firms are to be measured by!

Your commitment to help us succeed, while also finding ways to save us money, tells us that you truly are a class act! Words cannot describe how you have helped us. Your law firm was a breath of fresh air in a world full of dust.

We will definitely be recommending you to everyone who requires your services.

With heartfelt thanks,
Nikos Paschali
Stefanos Philippou

Superlative Job

29 November 2007

Dear Charles Wagner:

Charles, you have done an outstanding job in assisting me to receive a fair settlement from my parent’s estate.

Certainly it has seemed like a long, grueling battle since 2005. Charles, you have remained tenacious and advocated on my behalf without fear or without backing down in the face of difficult and stubborn adversity. Your excellent knowledge of the law and your great compassion give you the tools to go the distance in the most convoluted and difficult of cases. Charles, you empowered me to follow through in one of the most emotionally charged times of my life. Without your representation, most certainly I would have been cheated of my inherited birth right.

As this case winds up, words cannot express my deepest gratitude to you Charles for having done a superlative job. Charles, you are both a fine lawyer and a great humanitarian.

Again, thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Unbelievable Mediation Skills

Charles Wagner
1 Queen Street East
Suite 1900
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2W6

Dear Charles Wagner:

My Wife and I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the services you provided in representing our interests.

When we first approached you, we were quite unsettled about the process, but your sensitivity to our concerns immediately put us at ease. From the very on start you thoroughly explained the legal procedure, precedents and possible outcomes, gave us several different options to choose from you guided us through each phase of preparing our case and made certain that we were always aware of what avenues were available. You were always accessible when we contacted to you and were extremely diligent in protecting our interests.

You possess a rare combination of qualities: intelligence, unbelievable skills, and efforts a great sensitivity to your clients and their needs, a thorough understanding of the law, and a dedication to the best possible outcome for your client and for the situation presented, as a whole. Our appreciation for your unbelievable skills and efforts in the mediation is enormous. Our side was simply always was much better prepared. You took the time to understand and assess all elements of the case. Mr. Wagner you knew precisely how to handle opposing counsel and ask the right questions and requests to put to them, and the right way to present our case to them.

Our matter lasted for about a year. It was a very tense time for us. My Wife and I often spoke of what you did for us, and what it meant to us. Mr. Wagner you earned our deepest respect admiration as an extremely knowledgeable competent, honest attorney, and a great humanitarian. No one cares more about the personal welfare of their clients than Charles B. Wagner. Not only are you an attorney of outstanding legal mind, but one who is considerate of the personal concerns of the client.

With best wishes for your future, we remain gratefully yours,

Eva and Ivan Korda

Professionalism Matched By Personal Caring Attitude

Dear Mr. Wagner

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the services you provided in representing my interests. Yours sense of justice and integrity were clearly displayed when you agreed to take my case when others backed away out of fear of repercussions that might affect their ambitious from the influential parties we challenged. Yet you stood firm and resolute in insuring that my claims be heard.

Your professionalism was matched only by the personal caring attitude with which you communicated with me. You never spoke down to me with long-winded legal terminology but from the very on start thoroughly explained the legal procedure, precedents and possible outcomes. You guided me through each phase of preparing my case and made certain that I was always aware of what avenues were available. You were always patient and attentive while discussing which alternative would be the most sensible for my situation and you always considered my interests rather than you own. Whereas my case had the possibility of setting a new precedent it would have been only after considerable cost, stress and anguish.

I cannot sufficiently thank you for your services and for going that extra mile to insure my peace of mind throughout a very unsettling period, that with your assistance I have been able to put behind me.

With best wishes for your future I remain gratefully yours,

Bessie Gerstner

Honest, Decent and Fair

Being an executor of a will, especially a much loved mother’s will, in a large family, with very diverse opinions and divisions, is a trying job. As with many families, as hard as you try disputes arise. Charles Wagner was recommended to me and my sister, my co-executor, by friends. Charles Wagner is a good listener and able to understand and sort through complex issues in short order. Of all the various lawyers, accountants and assorted other folks we dealt with during an emotional and vulnerable time, Charles Wagner and his staff were by far the most honest, decent and fair. I would recommend Charles to anyone in need.

Fred Goldberg

No-nonsense, Professional and Confident Attitude

Dear Charles,

I wanted to say thank you to you and your team of lawyers. Before I met you I was told that I was disinherited and that there was no chance to fight the injustice. It was demoralizing.

When I decided to fight for my rights one of the smartest things I did was to contact you. From the moment I met you I decided you would be my lawyer. Your no-nonsense, professional and confident attitude made me feel I was in the right and only in your hands would I be protected. You never misled me and never made any promises you couldn’t keep. I just knew that if this wrong could be righted, it would be done through your firm. You did not disappoint me.

You are a good man. I learned from watching your work practices that I can put into my own work and business.

It’s not just that you helped me get my fair share of an inheritance. I cannot explain how important it was to me not to feel taken advantage of. With you help I have closed a sad chapter in our family history. I no longer feel cheated and believe I am wiser and better off from the experience.

Thank you
Michael Foley

Professionalism and Clarity

Thank you Mr Charles Wagner for your advice, professionalism and more importantly clarity. It is very hard to come by such frank honesty these days that it was a pleasure listen to your comprehensive advice. I would recommend this lawyer firm and Mr Charles himself in a heartbeat. Thank you once again.

Comfort and Assurance

Charles B. Wagner,
1 Queen Street East,
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2W6

Dear Charles:

I am sure you are aware that when a layman approaches the majority of legal matters, particularly lawsuits, it is done with a lot of trepidation. This was most definitely so in my situation.

With the glowing recommendation I had to you, your expertise in the practice of the law was a given.

When I had the opportunity to meet you, I was very quickly aware that I was in excellent hands. You conveyed to me the comfort and assurance that you did understand my problems and that I could relax, knowing you had my best interests at heart.

I have had no reason to change or review this decision. And so it is with gratitude I write this letter.

Most sincerely,
Webster Catherwood

Cunning Legal Strategy

Dear Charles,

I wanted to thank you again for your help and effort in handling my recent litigation, and moreover, for achieving results beyond what I anticipated to be my best case scenario.

Beyond the financial gains attributed to the successful action, I am also quite please to be walking away from the litigation with the personal satisfaction of winning against the opposing side in what may have otherwise been an unpleasant situation. This double edged success can only be attributed to having chosen experienced counsel with ability to conceive and implement cunning legal strategy combined with general business savvy, and overall, demonstrate strong and tactical negotiation skills. Again I thank for your help in successfully managing on my behalf what may have otherwise a long and stressful affair.



Tremendous Assistance and Support

May 28, 2008

Mr. Charles Wagner, LL.B.
One Queen Street East, Ste. 1900
Toronto, ON M5C 2W6

Dear Chuck:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation on the Board of Governors in the past and I am most grateful that each board member in their own way has been of tremendous assistance and support to help ensure that B’nai Brith Canada remains the vibrant organization that it has become.

Our mandate of service in the areas of combating antisemitism, fighting for human rights for all Canadians, providing housing for those less fortunate as well as our community volunteer service program, continues to be foremost in Canada and we are certainly the leading country with the B’nai Brith world providing this multitude of services.

Our success is because you have been there when we needed you. As the demands for a stronger B’nai Brith grow and as our community needs an even more vigilant B’nai Brith Canada, I have taken the liberty of re-nominating you to the Board of Governors for the forthcoming term. I am hopeful that you will accept re-nomination as I have discussed it with both our National Executive and our Nominating Committee who have full and most enthusiastically endorsed my recommendations.

I look forward to hearing back from you so I can report to your colleagues that you will once again take your seat at the table.

Yours sincerely,


Sensitive To Our Concerns

Dear Chuck,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding legal services you recently provided to us. As a results of your efforts, we have just received our settlement cheque.

When we first approached you, we were quite distraught about the process of entering into litigation, but your sensitivity to our concerns immediately put us at ease. Your approach to our situation was at all times both creative and pragmatic. You were always accessible when we contacted to you and were extremely diligent in protecting our interests.

We will be recommending you enthusiastically to any of our friends and colleagues who find themselves in need of your legal services.

Once again, thank you.

Ian Alter and Sarah Eisen

Google Reviews
Anastasia kostopoulos
19:44 19 Oct 23
As an Urban Planner, I accomplish excellence in each project by acknowledging its unique qualities. It is rare to find a Lawyer these days that treats and resolves their cases with that attribute in mind. Charles Wagner has done just that! He listens, then uses critical thinking skills and combines them with the pertinent legal framework available in order to provide a practical, essential solution to the case involved. If you are looking for professionalism with essence and straight forward solutions, this is your law firm.
Sun Chara
19:09 12 Sep 23
Wonderful!!! I'd left a message for Mr. Wagner, and he called me back same day. He answered my questions about the probate case I'm going through, offered insight, and gave me hope! Tough, knowledgeable, kind...he will be your advocate!
Roma Baran
19:18 18 May 23
Hershel Sahian = Tenacious, ProfessionalExcellence Exemplified !!Our case involved a dispute with our neighbour who refused to pay his one-half share of the cost of reconstruction of our division fence, as well as his refusal to move a wrongly situated shed between our properties.Despite numerous requests and our serving him with a Notice Letter, he refused to resolve matters amicably, and hired a paralegal in an attempt to intimidate us. At this point, we decided it was time to pull out the big guns. We called Hershel !Without hesitation, Hershel issued a Claim with the Small Claims Court and filed a Complaint with the City regarding the shed. Upon inspection, the City ordered the neighbour to move his shed.A Settlement Conference was set by the Court to deal with the non-payment for the fence. Interestingly, the neighbour was now being represented by his daughter, not the paralegal. Just days prior to the Settlement Conference, the neighbour offered to settle the matter for an amount less than what was now owing. Hershel refused to entertain such an offer and demanded full damages, interest and costs.At the Settlement Conference, in addition to an Order that the neighbour pay full damages, interest and costs, Hershel requested a formal Judgment against the neighbour. During the Conference, the neighbour’s daughter attempted to elicit sympathy from the Court, repeating several times the fact that she had no legal training. The Judge was reluctant to grant the Judgement, however, Hershel would not take “no” for an answer and advised we were fully prepared to proceed to trial.The result? The Judge made the Order, granted the Judgment, and the neighbour paid the full damages, interest and costs.Hershel always kept us fully advised. He made his position to the opposing side clear from day one and never wavered from his course of action, Hershel is tenacious, yet conducted himself in a highly professional manner throughout the litigation process.Hershel brings years of experience in many areas of law to the table. We are grateful for his counsel and have no hesitation in highly recommending him to anyone looking for a greatcounsellor and litigator.Thank you Hershel !!!Roma & Michael Baran
John Collins
21:16 17 Apr 23
Further to having been appointed as Executor of a deceased relative's Will, who had been a resident of the United States, I was faced with the daunting task of administering a rather complicated estate.The situation was further compounded by the fact I live in the United Kingdom and a number of the interests were located in different countries. One of which was a savings account held with TD Canada Trust and contained a considerable sum.Upon initial contact with TD's estates department I quickly learned why this particular institution had earned a reputation for being notoriously difficult and obstructive when dealing with such matters.Confronted by such surreptitious practices I decided to seek legal counsel.Having been attracted by Wagner and Sidlofsky's online reviews and an equally impressive initial consultation with David Wagner, I had no hesitation in enlisting the firm's services.Ably assisted by Mady Kinnear, I experienced what can only be described as an exemplary standard of professionalism. All communications were concise, clear and extremely prompt.David's experience in conjunction with his attention to detail anticipated every difficulty and allayed any concerns I had previously held regarding a satisfactory outcome.Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I will always have for the impeccable support I received throughout the process.Consequently, I highly recommend the firm of Wagner Sidlofsky to any other prospective clients.
Angie Carboni
07:21 08 Nov 22
Dear MuktaI can’t thank both of you at Wagner Sidlofsky enough, for the sound advice that you gave me today, during my free consultation, regarding my application, and process in my becoming my mothers power of attorney (legal guardian).I truly appreciated the honesty, pertaining to the application which I made, with the Ontario’s guardian and public trustee, you both truly gave me peace of mind regarding how I should proceed.Something that is not regularly found these days, but much needed in these times. Once again thank you and God bless both of you. I highly recommend your services to anyone who needs honest objective sound advice that think of your clients needs, before your own financial needs.SincerelyAngela Carboni
christine labelle
16:31 29 Aug 22
The decision to work with any law firm can be quite overwhelming. I recently worked with James regarding an issue after the death of a treasured family member. After questionable use of funds by the power of attorney, the decision was made to file a civil suit. James Dunphy is extremely knowledgeable and kind. My questions, concerns, phone calls and emails were always promptly returned. He helped me feel empowered and supported to see this issue through to completion. I would highly recommend this law firm and James in particular, for the high level of professionalism. Thank you to Mr. Wagner for connecting James and myself.
G Ing
17:42 11 Nov 21
James Dunphy and Brad Phillips worked on my family's estate litigation case and I was not only pleased with the result but, was impressed with the level of focus and detail that they invested in representing our family's interests.James is a pragmatic lawyer who analyzes every detail presented to him and is exceptionally articulate. Clearly, he outranks the competition by leaps and bounds.Brad's extensive experience and strategic thinking was instrumental in achieving our goals. He is candid and very approachable.I truly felt that we worked as a team and that I was respected as a client. I would not hesitate to refer this firm to those in need of litigation services.
Carol Spivak
22:27 06 Oct 21
Words cannot express what fine individuals David and Adin Wagner are. During a traumatic and turbulent moment in my life, David and Adin provided excellent, courteous and professional care. They corresponded with concise feedback and easily understood information. They were always available to provide support when needed, and gave me peace of mind . I never felt alone, they treated me with dignity, and gave me the confidence that my late husband’s estate would be looked after in a proper manner. Needless to say, my engagements with them ended with a very satisfactory outcome. I can’t recommend this law firm enough.
Anet Landoi
07:13 01 Jul 21
Hershel Sahian is an excellent lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a litigator. He took the initiative with my lawsuit. I never had to remind him, run after him or worry that he wasn’t paying attention to my case. He treated my case diligently and aggressively. There is no question that he will not allow his clients to be pushed around. I was very pleased with how quickly my lawsuit was resolved and the outcome exceeded my expectations. If you want a lawyer you can trust to fight for you, Hershel is the man who will get the job done.
Cristina C
17:05 12 May 21
The 5 start system does not do justice to Peter Askew who is outstanding all around: very knowledgeable, prompt , transparent in what he charges , detailed oriented and very bright. I have dealt with lawyers previously in my divorce and also for my current real estate litigation case, before I retained Peter A. He is in another league altogether. He worked on my case as soon as he was receiving documents from me , no delays, no excuses , no “ competing priorities”. Very honest and hard working . I love his humble demeanor contrasting with strong actions and documents . Peter A. thought of all possibilities that the counterpart could have come up with and he prepared for everything, nothing was left to chance . I expected way more trouble with my case but I think we were so well prepared that the counterpart did not have much chances. The bill at the end was fair and very detailed which is also quite rare.
Peter Qiao
23:13 25 Feb 21
I called to inquire about a possible litigation regarding a house which was purchased last year. They actually pick up the phone unlike many other firms, I had a lawyer call me back after just 2 hours. I was given a FREE consultation during which I was offered a sympathetic ear followed by informative and unbiased advices. Would certainly recommend them and call them back should I choose to proceed further.
Sabrina De Bartolo
15:41 15 Feb 21
Words cannot describe the professionalism and expertise we experienced through working with this firm. Charles Wagner is one of a kind. He provided us with sound, clear, and practical legal advice. When you are in distress, it is difficult to think clearly and make good decisions.Charles explained the law, outlined in clear language the steps in the process that where needed to be done. He was reassuring, articulate, knowledgeable and effective. Charles made the process so much easier and gave us peace of mind in a stressful but successful outcome. If I could give this firm more than 5 stars I would! Thank you!
Khaled Elzaabalawi
07:23 10 Dec 20
Wagner Sidlofsky LLP is a very highly professional and dedicated Law Firm. The team is very highly qualified with strong negotiation skills. In my personal opinion I consider my case to be a study case in Breach of contract from the seller's part , The team helped me out to achieve a very satisfactory deal through their experience and skills which saved me a very lengthy litigation. I highly recommend their consultations in any case which may require negotiation and litigation.
Karen Pillon
04:35 24 Nov 20
We have been dealing with Wagner Sidlofsky LLP for the past 3 years. I am extremely grateful to this firm for guiding & directing our family through a difficult litigation. Our case was won by highly skilled & professional litigators Bradley Philips & David Wagner. This firm has a lot of expertise in Estate Law & litigation matters.
A Google User
14:21 14 Sep 20
I recently used them. They were exceptionally efficient, and timely. Emails were ALAWYS answered within one business day, often the same day. The advice that Charles Wagner & James Dunphy gave always practical, and the options they presented were cost effective.I highly recommend Wagner Sidlofsky
A Turner
19:51 02 Sep 20
Great client service , extremely friendly , punctual and knowledgeable.No charge for a phone consult , very nice & informative.I will definitely keep them in my contact list.
Sunita Cooper
18:17 30 Jun 20
Amazing lawyers. Extremely responsive. We dealt with Gregory and David. Anytime we called they answered right away with the exception of only one or two times. The times we left a voicemail, our call was returned within the same hour or less. Both David and Gregory were both very upfront on all matters. In only my personal opinion, they are not in the business of taking advantage or wasting a client's time or money. They are realistic, straight to the point, and honest. Amazing job gentlemen! If you want professionalism, honesty and someone who will go above and beyond for your interests, this is definitely the firm to trust.
Aysha Kolyada
02:10 29 Feb 20
Within 10min of leaving a message requesting consultation on enforcement of foreign judgements in Ontraio; Mr. James Dunphy gave me a call and answered all my questions. Excellent service and highly recommended. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge. MO
A Google User
21:45 11 Dec 19
Normally, I don’t write reviews. However, you are likely doing what I had to do; conducting an investigation to find the right law firm in an ocean of law firms. I live in New York and I wanted expert legal representation in Canada. I retained the firm of Wagner Sidlofsky LLP.My case involved Estate Litigation with a member of my own family in Canada and I imagine that these types of cases can be even more challenging since there are personal and emotional aspects.Following his initial assessment, Charles Wagner identified key considerations for pursuing a legal course but made clear that all decisions were mine to take without pretense of guarantees. This principal was always implicitly understood.All actions that were taken were discussed and agreed upon in alignment with our overall game plan so that I always felt matters were entirely under control. Communications were two-way. They didn’t waste my time and were very responsive to the invariable twists in the road.Wagner Sidlofsky LLP is a professional, pro-active team offering expert, value-added legal services that you might only read about - as it happens, in a review.
Miwha Stevenson
17:44 28 Oct 19
Most of us seek legal resolution as a last recourse, when we are in a dark place, feeling betrayed and disappointed by those whom we had trusted. Talking to Mr. Charles Wagner left me with a renewed hope for humanity, and I am not being frivolous when I make that statement. Not only was he deeply engaged in thinking through my situation as a legal predicament, an attentiveness that clearly stems from his professional expertise and long experience, but perhaps more importantly, he demonstrated in action how someone would help a complete stranger for no other reason than to do the right thing out of the goodness of his heart. It was much more than a professional consultation, and I will always be most grateful to Mr. Wagner for showing me an example of the kindly and the righteous.
Toras Emes
18:32 27 Oct 19
We were extremely happy with the service and first rate legal advice provided to us by the staff at Wagner Sidlofsky. We could not have been happier with the resolution of our case.
Rob Fairlie
21:00 11 Oct 19
I recently met with Mr. Wagner, Mr. Stroh, and Mr. Askew for a consultation. I was very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and honesty. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.
Rosedale Child
11:24 16 Aug 19
I am very impressed with Mr Charles Wagner.Initially, I emailed him last night at 10:09 pm asking to meet him today for consultations.He immediately replied (in 25 minutes, at 10:34 pm!) instructing me to call his assistant to book an appointment with her phone number included.When I emailed his assistant this early morning at 7:25 am, she immediately replied (at 8:26 am) before their office even opened, offering me an appointment for today at 1 pm!When I met Mr Charles Wagner (today 2019-08-15) I was impressed with his expertise in estate litigation and professionalism.Furthermore, he showed kindness and compassion for my situation and very clearly explained to me my options.He gave me excellent and most helpful referral for my specific needs.It amazed me that he genuinely cared to help me and was most helpful and honest, pleasant and patient, a great listener.I would highly recommend Mr Charles Wagner to anybody who needs excellent, experienced and friendly lawyer.Definitely a shinning 5 star rating!
Stephane Li
16:54 16 Jul 19
Hershel and I have worked together for nearly 10 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and will never shy away from a challenge. He has a great ability to read situations and anticipate what may come next. You can always count on Hershel to give you his honest legal opinion on a matter. Time over time his honesty and willingness to succeed for his client has benefited my interests and actions. I would recommend Hershel to anyone seeking legal counsel!
Sven Steindorff
14:23 02 Jul 19
Hershel Sahian joined Wager Sidlofsky LLP earlier in 2019. I have known Hershel professionally and personally for over 15 years. He is very a very patient listener and knowledgeable counsel. If you have legal issues with insurers in Canada or USA or just need some legal advice, give him a call first. I can only recommend Hershel to anyone. His vast legal experience will be on your side from day one you contact him.
Sven Steindorff
14:23 02 Jul 19
Hershel Sahian joined Wager Sidlofsky LLP earlier in 2019. I have known Hershel professionally and personally for over 15 years. He is very a very patient listener and knowledgeable counsel. If you have legal issues with insurers in Canada or USA or just need some legal advice, give him a call first. I can only recommend Hershel to anyone. His vast legal experience will be on your side from day one you contact him.
Alicia Bickle
15:56 24 Jun 19
I live out of Province and was in the market for an estate litigation lawyer in Ontario. Charles Wagner returned my call promptly and was extremely professional over the phone. He was honest with me that he was not the best fit for my case and went above and beyond to provide referrals that he trusted. He was also able to provide an outline of questions that I should ask others about my case. Wonderful service and would definitely recommend to others whose cases fit their profile.
03:21 21 Jun 19
I had a very productive meeting with Charles Wagner, he provided legal counsel. He is very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer and very honest. He was very helpful and informative, he gave me a lot of valuable advice regarding my litigation case, I recommend him fully.Edward Barnett
Jorge Roldán
01:48 21 Jun 19
I had a very productive meeting with Charles Wagner, he provided legal counsel. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer and very honest. He was very helpful and informative, he gave me a lot of valuable advise regarding my litigation case, I recommend him.Edward Barnett.
18:22 20 Jun 19
I had a very productive meeting with Charles Wagner, he provided legal counsel. He is very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer and very honest. He was very helpful and informative, he gave me a lot of valuable advice regarding my litigation case, I recommend him fully.Edward Barnett
17:30 05 Jun 19
We would like to thank Mr. Matthew Stroh and Mr. Charles Wagner for their superb handling of our trust dispute.From the beginning, Matt clearly understood the dynamics in play and was able to articulate and argue the legalities of our position.The case went to mandatory mediation and on that day we were pleased that both Matt and Charles were present.As the negotiations progressed throughout the day, in mid afternoon Charles came up with brilliant strategy that brought this process to a speedy conclusion and secured an agreement with which we were very happy.We would highly recommend this firm, and in particular, Charles Wagner and Matthew Stroh to anyone in need of a strong and assertive litigation team.Christine S.
Ana Allcott
19:03 14 May 19
I met with Charles Wagner and James Dunphy today for a sensitive family matter. They understood immediately the complexities of my situation and could give a number of solutions to help me deal with the issue. It was an efficient and very helpful meeting. I would enthusiastically recommend this firm. Thank you
Joanne Brown
16:34 20 Mar 19
March 20, 2019 after contemplating making this call for many weeks I finally contacted Wagner Sidlofsky seeking advice on how to proceed with obtaining a copy of my fathers will. When I called the receptionist who was very pleasant, asked for some information and told me I would receive a call as soon as someone was available. Within 30 minutes I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Charles Wagner. I explained what I was after and throughout our conversation he asked questions of me that I really hadn't thought about. I appreciated the time he took to give me food for thought excellent advice.Mr. Wagners' compassion, professionalism and honesty is very much appreciated. Consoling someone crying on the phone, who he had never met. I am so glad I made the call to this law firm and I am grateful for the conversation that I had with Mr. Wagner.I would definitely contact this law firm again should I require any legal services.Thank you Charles Wagner. You made sense of it all.Kind RegardsJoanne
Areej Mirza
19:38 07 Mar 19
Our estate case was being handled by the firm. Brad Phillips was thorough in his investigation and Charles Wagner gave us direction through the case. The team handling our case - Brad & Aaron, were insightful, thoughtful and hardworking for the entire duration. I believe that they genuinely felt empathetic towards our case.
Liliana Speciale
19:41 28 Feb 19
We were clients of Wagner Sidlofsky LLP for about a year. The service was excellent and Mr. Wagner’s manner of conducting business was at our level of expectation. His team at the law firm was a great support to our litigation. We went through difficult times and Mr. Wagner’s capacity of dealing with our legal issues was great. We would recommend his law firm to everyone, he has the best support in any ways not only legal but also moral, as a friend.Thank you.Anthony P. SpecialeLiliana Speciale
Keith Marshall
16:20 06 Feb 19
David Wagner and Greg Sidlofsky and all of the staff at Wagner Sidlofsky have been exceptional. They have been professional, courteous, patient, knowledgeable and have always had our needs in mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them.
Patrick D
19:42 15 Jan 19
Mr. Wagner was genuinely a big help to me. I appreciated his directness and keeping our conversation on-track so that I'd come away with the information I really needed to proceed. Much appreciated.
David Brook
11:58 24 Sep 18
Charles Wagner and his junior, Matthew Stroh couldn't have been more helpful. They explained everything clearly enough for us to understand our options in full. Thank you.
Fahra Zommers
13:02 20 Jul 18
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charles Wagner, David Wagner and Kim Gale for the legal services you provided me. I am truly impressed with your legal expertise and your compassion. You were personable, courteous and kind. You are extremely knowledgable, competent and expeditious while still trying to save me money and time. You are honest and fair and your skills at negotiating are outstanding! Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful I am. I would highly recommend your law firm to anyone seeking legal advice or litigation services.
Irwin Meisles
19:32 07 Sep 17
I contacted Mr Wagner for assistance in drafting a will. Despite the fact that Mr Wagner is a Litigator and does not draft wills, he took the time to introduce me to another lawyer. During that conference call , he provided us with extremely valuable advice to avoid future litigation. I greatly appreciate the time and expertise that he provided free of charge. Thank you again Mr Wagner
Kao Jimmy
12:54 06 Jul 17
Charles was very professional, courteous, and honest - everything that one would expect a lawyer to be - when my family and I met with him for a consultation. He provided us with helpful information and described our options in detail, in a very pleasant manner. It would be an absolute pleasure for us to use his services in the future.
21:39 14 Jun 17
At the recommendation of my business partner, I contacted and met with Charles Wagner who showed absolute professionalism and compassion in helping me to deal with stressfull situation to finalize the estate after losing the loved one...Unlike other law offices that I contacted recently, my concerns and questions were laid to rest with competence and straightforward recommendations. The office secretaries are efficient, fast and friendly. Thank you Charles
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