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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as public health measures to curb the spread of the virus are being implemented, we have ensured that our lawyers and staff have the tools and resources to work remotely. We have taken steps to guarantee that the timeliness and quality of our work remain unaffected and we remain fully accessible and committed to serving our clients as usual. In lieu of in-person meetings, we are encouraging our existing and potential clients to meet with us via video conferencing on Zoom and Google Hangouts or by telephone.

We wish you all health and strength during this challenging time.

Defamation is an intentionally false communication, either published in writing or spoken, that injures the reputation or good name of the subject.  Internet defamation, whether it be in published articles on-line, in blogs or e-mails is now the subject of a great deal of defamation actions in the courts.

Lawyers at our Toronto law firm have been involved in litigation on behalf of aggrieved plaintiffs who are the subject of defamatory statements as well as on behalf of defendants who are accused of defamation. We are also experienced in acting on injunctions brought to restrain defamatory conduct and to compel the removal of defamatory materials from the internet and print.

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