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Without quite knowing what I was doing, I had been in Canada for four years. I lived these four years of immigrant life like a fish in the water, feeling its warmth or chill that only I can tell. Carelessness caused me to be cheated out of all my money. With no other recourse left to me, I had to resort to litigation.

There are thousands of lawyers in North America, and I met with three of them. Through someone’s introduction, I came to the renowned Mr. Charles Wagner’s office. After our initial meeting that lasted almost two hours, I immediately decided to hire him as my lawyer based on his style and experience.

After nearly a year, and close to thirty thousand dollars worth of lawyer’s fees, I got the outcome that he had expected I was awarded major compensation. Only when I received my bill for fees owed did I realize that my fees had in fact been reduced by $10,000. People say that lawyers are crooks, but I was lucky enough to find a lawyer like him. With his reputation, he could very well have used the time that he spent on me to handle a more major case.

In Canada where I have no one to depend on, the feeling of being helped is so precious. Nobody likes the hassle of being involved in litigation; but at least when it happens, knowing where you can turn to for help is nevertheless a fortunate thing.

I thank this barrister from the bottom of my heart, and it is my honour to refer him to anyone I know who requires help.

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