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There are three ingredients to the recipe for choosing the lawyer you need: Aptitude; Attitude; and Fit.

Does the lawyer your considering have the ability to do the job?

Just like you would not seek medical advice about your heart from a skin doctor you are well advised to seek out a lawyer who specializes in your area of the law.

For example, in our firm the Law Society of Ontario has certified Charles Wagner as a specialist in Estates & Trusts Law and Gregory Sidlofsky in civil litigation.

But certification is only one flag of aptitude – experience in the field in another and checking out their reported cases and publications is one way to verify experience.

Regardless of the nature of the litigation there are many lawyers in this jurisdiction who have the technical skills and knowledge base to handle your file.

What is equally important is whether the lawyer in charge will attend to the file with the commitment you view necessary to maximize your gain at the least cost.

This mission statement is a factor we insist all the lawyers in our firm adhere to.

Assuming you narrow down your list of choices these are the questions you should be asking:

  • Does the lawyer inspire confidence?
  • Do you trust the lawyer?
  • Can you rely on him/her?
  • Will the lawyer listen to your concerns; and
  • Do you believe he/she will act with integrity in your best interest?
  • Will the lawyer make himself/herself accessible?
  • Will someone from his office return a phone call in a timely fashion?

If the answer is yes then this is the lawyer you should hire.

Our Partners
Toronto Estate Litigator - Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner

Charles Wagner

Partner/Certified Specialist in Estates & Trusts Law, TEP
Gregory Sidlofsky

Gregory Sidlofsky

Partner/Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation
bradley phillips - toronto litigation lawyer
Bradley Phillips

Bradley Phillips

Hershel Sahian - Litigation Lawyer
Hershel Sahian

Hershel Sahian

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