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29 November 2007

Dear Charles Wagner:

Charles, you have done an outstanding job in assisting me to receive a fair settlement from my parent’s estate.

Certainly it has seemed like a long, grueling battle since 2005. Charles, you have remained tenacious and advocated on my behalf without fear or without backing down in the face of difficult and stubborn adversity. Your excellent knowledge of the law and your great compassion give you the tools to go the distance in the most convoluted and difficult of cases. Charles, you empowered me to follow through in one of the most emotionally charged times of my life. Without your representation, most certainly I would have been cheated of my inherited birth right.

As this case winds up, words cannot express my deepest gratitude to you Charles for having done a superlative job. Charles, you are both a fine lawyer and a great humanitarian.

Again, thank you.

Yours sincerely,


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