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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as public health measures to curb the spread of the virus are being implemented, we have ensured that our lawyers and staff have the tools and resources to work remotely. We have taken steps to guarantee that the timeliness and quality of our work remain unaffected and we remain fully accessible and committed to serving our clients as usual. In lieu of in-person meetings, we are encouraging our existing and potential clients to meet with us via video conferencing on Zoom and Google Hangouts or by telephone.

We wish you all health and strength during this challenging time.

A breach of contract claim would encompass almost any breach of an obligation. The obligation might be expressly contained in an agreement or might even be implied from other terms of the agreement.  The agreement could be in writing or could even be verbal.  The breach of contract might give rise to a claim in damages, injunctive or other relief including specific performance.

Our Toronto law firm handles litigation arising from all types of contractual breaches. We have experience litigating breach of contracts pertaining to commercial contracts, employment contracts, contracts for the sale of land, breaches of verbal agreements and many others.


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