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Dear Charles,

I wanted to say thank you to you and your team of lawyers. Before I met you I was told that I was disinherited and that there was no chance to fight the injustice. It was demoralizing.

When I decided to fight for my rights one of the smartest things I did was to contact you. From the moment I met you I decided you would be my lawyer. Your no-nonsense, professional and confident attitude made me feel I was in the right and only in your hands would I be protected. You never misled me and never made any promises you couldn’t keep. I just knew that if this wrong could be righted, it would be done through your firm. You did not disappoint me.

You are a good man. I learned from watching your work practices that I can put into my own work and business.

It’s not just that you helped me get my fair share of an inheritance. I cannot explain how important it was to me not to feel taken advantage of. With you help I have closed a sad chapter in our family history. I no longer feel cheated and believe I am wiser and better off from the experience.

Thank you
Michael Foley

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