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Dear Charles Wagner,

I wish to thank you for your recent assistance on a matter that had been on going for several years.

As you know our previous counsel had issued several letters to another business in an effort to cause them to stop certain practices that were having a negative impact on our operations and brand reputation. After each letter was issued, the conduct would stop, only to start up again several months later. With the most recent incident, we knew a simple lawyer’s letter would not be sufficient to convince these individuals to permanently cease these damaging practices. The advice of existing counsel at the time was simply not providing us with a quick and permanent resolution of this matter.

After talking to you about this issue I was confident the tough, no-nonsense approach you recommended would bring a permanent resolution. I was not disappointed. Not only has the other business permanently stopped the offending practices; you were also successful in recovering costs and obtaining a judgment against them.

Although this matter was not of immediately significant monetary value, it was important to us, the conduct of our business and the protection of our good name and reputation. Thanks to you, the issue has been permanently resolved without long and drawn out litigation.

Yours truly,

Andrew Soward

Corporate Controller
Canroof Corporation Inc.

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