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Nuisance Claim In Estate Law

The Estate Nuisance Claim

When a will challenger has no evidence to support the challenge, what strategy can lawyers take to inexpensively defeat the will challenge, vacate the notice of objection and move forward with probate?
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Limitation Period

An invitation from the Court of Appeal for Ontario?

In the recent case of Lee v. Ponte, the Court of Appeal for Ontario considered a novel argument about limitation periods. Others have written about the decision, but what piqued our interest was the Court of Appeal’s comment at the end of its short decision.
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Probate Application

Can a Non-Resident Apply for Probate?

Section 5 of the Estates Act (the “Act”) states “Letters of Administration shall not be granted to a person not residing in Ontario”. The statute appears to be a definite and full answer to our question. But, when answering a legal question, a thorough reading of the statutes and secondary sources dealing with the question together with a full review of how judges interpret the statute is necessary. As the Armstrong case demonstrates, reading only one section of the Act could lead to an erroneous conclusion.
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Tax Planning And Estate Law

Tax issues for Canadians Residing in the US

We have written two other case reviews concerning the decision in Rubner v. Bistricer. The first addressed the determination of the validity of a testamentary document while the testator was still alive and the second addressed with whether a letter was sufficient to create a trust. In this blog we are focusing on what appears to have been Brenda Bistricer’s driving motivation in taking certain positions.
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Validity Of Will

Reviewing the validity of wills while a testator is still alive

The Rubner case is instructive for those dealing with elder issues, will drafting and the creation of trusts. Accordingly, we decided to write several blogs with a focus on how Justice Myers of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice dealt with these separate issues. This particular blog reviews how and why His Honour went about determining the validity of a will while the testator is still alive.
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Time Limitation

Is a Notice of Objection to Accounts subject to a limitation period?

There is a world of a difference between a fiduciary’s duty to maintain his accounts and whether a time limit exists for the beneficiary to request an accounting or to object to the accounts presented. In the context of an attorney for property’s obligation to disclose his accounts and produce his records, the regulations impose a duty on the attorney to give a copy of the accounts and records to specific people. Those regulations do not place a time limit on the people entitled to demand production.
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Definition Of Child

What is a “child”?

What is a child? In everyday life, this is an innocuous question with a simple answer – you kind of know one when you see one. Whether you’re going to the movies, dining at a buffet, or riding the subway, what most people consider to be a “child” is clear, give or take a couple of years.
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Over 200 people expected to attend B’nai Brith CLE

We expect over 200 people for the May 30, 2018 seminar.  I wanted to publicly say thank you to our Title Sponsors Scotia Wealth Management and B’nai Brith as well as all our other sponsors.  As well, I would be remiss if I forgot to thank all the committee members,…

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