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Wagner Sidlofsky LLP

Wagner Sidlofsky LLP is a Toronto law firm providing legal counsel to international and Canadian individuals and businesses involved in disputes. The firm’s areas of practice include Estate Litigation, Commercial Litigation and Elder Law.

We only litigate.

As a Toronto law firm, our lawyers’ proficiency has developed from the single minded focus of their practice in their areas of expertise. Every lawyer brings his/her own unique talents to the firm, but each shares a commitment to excellence. We get results by tenaciously and assertively advocating for our clients.

The firm’s lawyers regularly appear in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Appeal as well as various administrative tribunals.

What We Do

  • Will Challenges
  • Quantum Meruit Claims
  • Dependent Relief Claims
  • Executor Removals
  • Power Of Attorney Issues
  • Statutory Guardianship
  • Solicitors’ Negligence
Estate Litigation
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Professional Negligence
Commercial Litigation

Who We Are

Learn about each of our lawyers and how we may help you with your legal issues.

Articles and Blogs

Read from our archive of information on
estate and commercial litigation law.

nuisance claim in estate law
The Estate Nuisance Claim
When a will challenger has no evidence to support the challenge, what strategy can lawyers take to inexpensively defeat the will challenge, vacate the notice of objection and move forward with probate?
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limitation period
An invitation from the Court of Appeal for Ontario?
In the recent case of Lee v. Ponte, the Court of Appeal for Ontario considered a novel argument about limitation periods. Others have written about the decision, but what piqued our interest was the Court of Appeal’s comment at the end of its short decision.
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estate administration
Executors and Estate Administration – Are Trust Companies a good option?
Choosing an executor is a critical decision. Before choosing who should manage your estate when you die the most important task is to ask if the person contemplated is up to the job. The ideal executor will follow your wishes, know how to administer the estate, be honest and fair, and be prepared to do the job in a timely and proper fashion.
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probate application
Can a Non-Resident Apply for Probate?
Section 5 of the Estates Act (the “Act”) states “Letters of Administration shall not be granted to a person not residing in Ontario”. The statute appears to be a definite and full answer to our question. But, when answering a legal question, a thorough reading of the statutes and secondary sources dealing with the question together with a full review of how judges interpret the statute is necessary. As the Armstrong case demonstrates, reading only one section of the Act could lead to an erroneous conclusion.
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discovery meeting
Can A Non-Party Attend At Discoveries?
Most people are not used to being involved in litigation. For all but the most experienced litigants, participating in the litigation process is stressful and often downright scary. One of the most anxiety causing steps is the discovery process. Representing frightened clients at discovery can be difficult.
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What is a Will?

A will is a written document that outlines how the deceased wanted his or her assets distributed after death.

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How do I get a copy of someone’s will after they die?

Disinherited family members and disappointed beneficiaries often are denied access to a copy of a Will by the executors.

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When will a Court remove an estate trustee/executor?

Historically, Ontario’s Courts needed to see evidence of misconduct in order to remove trustees.

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What happens when someone is deemed incapable?

There are many variables to consider and each situation will turn on its own facts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our resource section to find helpful information, including some answers to frequently asked questions.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charles Wagner, David Wagner and Kim Gale for the legal services you provided me. I am truly impressed with your legal expertise and your compassion. You were personable, courteous and kind. You are extremely knowledgable, competent and expeditious while still trying to save me money and time. You are honest and fair and your skills at negotiating are outstanding! Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful I am. I would highly recommend your law firm to anyone seeking legal advice or litigation services.
Fahra Zommers
Fahra Zommers
13:02 20 Jul 18
Charles Wagner and his junior, Matthew Stroh couldn't have been more helpful. They explained everything clearly enough for us to understand our options in full. Thank you.
David Brook
David Brook
11:58 24 Sep 18
I contacted Mr Wagner for assistance in drafting a will. Despite the fact that Mr Wagner is a Litigator and does not draft wills, he took the time to introduce me to another lawyer. During that conference call , he provided us with extremely valuable advice to avoid future litigation. I greatly appreciate the time and expertise that he provided free of charge. Thank you again Mr Wagner
Irwin Meisles
Irwin Meisles
19:32 07 Sep 17
Charles was very professional, courteous, and honest - everything that one would expect a lawyer to be - when my family and I met with him for a consultation. He provided us with helpful information and described our options in detail, in a very pleasant manner. It would be an absolute pleasure for us to use his services in the future.
Kao Jimmy
Kao Jimmy
12:54 06 Jul 17
At the recommendation of my business partner, I contacted and met with Charles Wagner who showed absolute professionalism and compassion in helping me to deal with stressfull situation to finalize the estate after losing the loved one...Unlike other law offices that I contacted recently, my concerns and questions were laid to rest with competence and straightforward recommendations. The office secretaries are efficient, fast and friendly. Thank you Charles
21:39 14 Jun 17
Mr. Wagner was genuinely a big help to me. I appreciated his directness and keeping our conversation on-track so that I'd come away with the information I really needed to proceed. Much appreciated.
Patrick D
Patrick D
19:42 15 Jan 19
David Wagner and Greg Sidlofsky and all of the staff at Wagner Sidlofsky have been exceptional. They have been professional, courteous, patient, knowledgeable and have always had our needs in mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them.
Keith Marshall
Keith Marshall
16:20 06 Feb 19
We were clients of Wagner Sidlofsky LLP for about a year. The service was excellent and Mr. Wagner’s manner of conducting business was at our level of expectation. His team at the law firm was a great support to our litigation. We went through difficult times and Mr. Wagner’s capacity of dealing with our legal issues was great. We would recommend his law firm to everyone, he has the best support in any ways not only legal but also moral, as a friend.Thank you.Anthony P. SpecialeLiliana Speciale
Liliana Speciale
Liliana Speciale
19:41 28 Feb 19
Our estate case was being handled by the firm. Brad Phillips was thorough in his investigation and Charles Wagner gave us direction through the case. The team handling our case - Brad & Aaron, were insightful, thoughtful and hardworking for the entire duration. I believe that they genuinely felt empathetic towards our case.
Areej Mirza
Areej Mirza
19:38 07 Mar 19
March 20, 2019 after contemplating making this call for many weeks I finally contacted Wagner Sidlofsky seeking advice on how to proceed with obtaining a copy of my fathers will. When I called the receptionist who was very pleasant, asked for some information and told me I would receive a call as soon as someone was available. Within 30 minutes I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Charles Wagner. I explained what I was after and throughout our conversation he asked questions of me that I really hadn't thought about. I appreciated the time he took to give me food for thought excellent advice. Mr. Wagners' compassion, professionalism and honesty is very much appreciated. Consoling someone crying on the phone, who he had never met. I am so glad I made the call to this law firm and I am grateful for the conversation that I had with Mr. Wagner.I would definitely contact this law firm again should I require any legal services.Thank you Charles Wagner. You made sense of it all.Kind RegardsJoanne
Joanne Brown
Joanne Brown
16:34 20 Mar 19
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