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Dear Mr. Wagner

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the services you provided in representing my interests. Yours sense of justice and integrity were clearly displayed when you agreed to take my case when others backed away out of fear of repercussions that might affect their ambitious from the influential parties we challenged. Yet you stood firm and resolute in insuring that my claims be heard.

Your professionalism was matched only by the personal caring attitude with which you communicated with me. You never spoke down to me with long-winded legal terminology but from the very on start thoroughly explained the legal procedure, precedents and possible outcomes. You guided me through each phase of preparing my case and made certain that I was always aware of what avenues were available. You were always patient and attentive while discussing which alternative would be the most sensible for my situation and you always considered my interests rather than you own. Whereas my case had the possibility of setting a new precedent it would have been only after considerable cost, stress and anguish.

I cannot sufficiently thank you for your services and for going that extra mile to insure my peace of mind throughout a very unsettling period, that with your assistance I have been able to put behind me.

With best wishes for your future I remain gratefully yours,

Bessie Gerstner

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