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End Of Life Decisions – Do Doctors Have The Right To Decide?

The doctors argued that, in this context, “treatment” as defined in the Act does not include the withholding or withdrawal of treatment that had no medical value to the patient. Hence, the withdrawal of such treatment could be done without the patient’s consent. The doctors argued that the Act merely enshrined the common law which recognized a doctor’s right to withhold or withdraw treatment. The doctors further argued that according to the common law they were not permitted to continue “inhumane” treatment even if the patient or his substitute decision-maker demanded it.
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Are Promises Enforceable?

Lora and Jeffrey started living together.  As their 23 month relationship grew stronger Jeffrey promised Lora that when he died Lora would get his RRSPs worth about $1,750,000 as long as they were still living together.  Jeffrey insisted that Lora sign a cohabitation agreement before he would keep his promise. …

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Elder Abuse in Ontario

The Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder abuse estimates that there may be as many as 150,000 victims of Elder Abuse in Ontario. Elder Abuse can take many forms. One common form of Elderly abuse is financial. The purpose behind this blog is to provide some information to people on the first steps they might consider when discovering the problem
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