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William Tan & Maurice Gochioco

Charles Wagner has become a friend. You know it’s seldom that you’re a friend of a lawyer.

A person who is very knowledgeable of the law and being able to explain it in simple, layman’s terms.

Charles Wagner was able to tell us what to do. He sat down with us, explained everything.

For a lawyer to be able to have that knowledge and impart that knowledge upon you into such an easy business-like decision then, of course, you put your case into his hands.

He has a reputation in and of himself for being able to come to your cause, so if ever he represents you, you would really be in good hands. You get an informed decision. And, having an informed decision consciously makes it a right one.

He is the best – for me – as a lawyer.

You feel confident in having him represent you.

Charles Wagner is a trustworthy lawyer. If we have anything else coming it, we’ll be giving it to him again.

william tan & maurice gochioco testimonial
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