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Toronto Estate Litigation Lawyers

Assertive | Knowledgeable | Trusted

Those few law firms in Toronto that focus primarily on estate litigation have an edge because this is a niche field with its own rules, conventions and procedures.  Estate litigators require a different skill set that comes from a constant exposure to the nuances and subtleties of this specialized field of law.

We combine an assertive intensity with analytical ability and negotiating prowess flowing from an understanding of the family dynamics intrinsic to estate litigation. We believe that resolution of disputes happen quicker when estate litigation is prosecuted assertively and quickly.

Will Challenges

In Ontario a Will Challenge addresses a number of questions.

Rights To Financial Relief

The disinherited may still have a chance to access the assets of the estate if they meet the criteria for seeking support.

Disinheritance & Prenuptial Agreements

Learn more about setting aside domestic contracts.

Elder Abuse

Power of Attorney Litigation and The Substitute Decisions Act.

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    Savvy Legal Strategist

    “[My legal] success can only be attributed to having chosen experienced counsel with ability to conceive and implement cunning legal strategy combined with general business savvy, and overall, demonstrate strong and tactical negotiation skills.”

    Professional And Confident

    “Your no-nonsense, professional and confident attitude made me feel I was in the right and only in your hands would I be protected.” Michael Foley

    Dedicated To The Best Possible Outcome

    “You possess a rare combination of qualities: intelligence, unbelievable skills, and efforts a great sensitivity to your clients and their needs, a thorough understanding of the law, and a dedication to the best possible outcome for your client and for the situation presented, as a whole.” Eva and Ivan Korda

    Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law

    Charles B. Wagner is designated as a Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law by the Law Society of Ontario. Described by clients as aggressive and knowledgable, speedy, efficient and effective, as well as a real top gun, Charles Wagner is a senior member of the Estates Litigation Bar in Toronto, Ontario.

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