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Presented by B’nai Brith Canada Lawyer’s Division on June 5, 2012

Segments of the Seminar

Archie Rabinowitz’s cross examination of the Expert Witness Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner

Craig Vander Zee’s cross examination of the plaintiff in a will challenge played by Howard Black

Submissions by Ian Hull as lawyer for the estate, arguing that a clause which disinherits someone for marrying a non-Jews is not against public policy

Submission by Kelly Charlebois, lawyer for the estate arguing that in Ontario there is no legal obligation to include children in one’s will.

Submissions by Charles Wagner, lawyer for the disinherited beneficiary arguing that disinheriting someone for marrying outside his parent’s faith is against public policy

Submissions by Kimberly Whaley, lawyer for the disinherited beneficiary arguing moral obligation to include children is a legal obligation and entitles that child to support under the Succession Law Reform Act

Entire Moot Court – Disinherited Beneficiaries, Testamentary Independence and Public Policy

Part One

Part Two – lawyers responding to questions from attendees

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