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Denise Meehan, Lick’s Ice Cream and Burger Shops Inc.

Charles Wagner is very clever, and he’s very pragmatic. He finds the easiest and best route to the goal. They are a firm that cares, primarily. The caring is critically important. That involves the client, doesn’t waste time, adequately prepares the client for what needs to happen, and is there in advance. In other words, he’s not a “last minute, get stuff done quickly” kind of person. You know, he methodically goes over things and prepares you in enough time, so you know you’ve gathered all your material.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Charles Wagner. He’s a litigator that can be trusted. He’s effective at what he does, so you don’t get the impression that he’s using up time to ring up more dollars and more hours. He’s connected with a lot of people, so if we need outside advice or outside expertise, he has that as well. This allows for a very effective approach.

He was very responsive; he always made time. He was interested. He cared a great deal. He works very, very hard for your interests and making sure that everything is handled effectively. So, you really get a sense that he cares and it matters.

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