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Put your own interests aside – POA

Sherrell was the only one of the four siblings who lived near her mother. She took care of Mom and helped administer the finances. To facilitate the process Mom gave a Power of Attorney for property in favour of Sherrell. The lawyers were called in when Mom died and certain financial transactions came to light. There were numerous issues in the court case. This article addresses the Power of Attorney and its use to transfer some money. One month prior to her mother's death, using the Power Of Attorney, Sherrell transferred $35,000 from her mother's account to her own. The lawyer for the brothers claimed the transfer of money was an unauthorized withdrawal and should be returned to the Estate.
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Where There is Life There is Hope

Moe Maraachli and Sana Nader's recent dispute with a hospital over the fate of their terminally ill child highlights a debate over end of life issues. The author reviews an Ontario case to highlight how Ontario has death with the tension of a patient’s right to consent to treatment and a doctor's right to advocate for what he/she feels are in the best interests of the patient.
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