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Protecting catastrophically injured person after the settlement

Car accident victims suffering from a catastrophic injury often cannot conduct their own affairs. If there is no power of attorney, courts must approve of the person being appointed as guardian and the management plans. Any settlement agreement with the insurance company must also be approved by the court. To that point the system in Ontario effectively protects the best interests of the incapable person. The question is what about afterwards?
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Are presents given to attorneys for property or personal care kosher?

Shelly used her power of attorney to transfer her mother’s house into her name. That started a law suit. But that’s the middle of the story, let’s start at the beginning. Shelly lived with her mother Ruth in her Forest Hill home worth $1.4 million. The only other asset Ruth had was $300,000 in cash, which she inherited from her late husband. In 2001 Ruth appointed Shelly as power of attorney over property and personal care. Ruth also drafted a will where she left her house to Shelly with the balance of her estate to her son Mike.
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Are Halachic Powers of Attorney for Personal Care Binding in Ontario?

The purpose of this article is to examine the precedent Living Wills developed & published by the Commission on Medical Ethics of the Rabbinical Council of America and Agudath Israel of America in the context of Ontario law. This paper will address whether a hospital is bound by a written power of attorney for personal care which requires that the Substitute Decision Maker (“SDM”) consult with a rabbi and be bound by the rabbi’s decision concerning end of life issues.
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But mum promised me the house!

Benji was 44 years old and had lived with his mother all his life. He paid no rent and contributed no money towards the upkeep of the home. His older sister Esther was the capable child. When their mother planned for the future, she appointed Esther the Continuing Power of Attorney, but left the house to Benji in her will.
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