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My experience with Mr. Wagner as my lawyer was far beyond my expectations. Due to the complexities of my case, and my personal financial situation I was having difficulty finding representation – until I met Mr. Wagner.

I’m the youngest of four siblings, and the only girl. My parents are both deceased, and one of my three older brothers unexpectedly passed – without leaving a will. When the time came to settle his estate, my remaining two older siblings, who had bullied me when we were growing up, continued doing so by insisting on an unfair settlement.

My prayers were answered when, like a knight in shining white armour, Mr. Wagner came to my aid and agreed to represent me. At our first meeting with all the parties and their lawyers, he was eloquent, direct, and fully in control the whole time. Mr. Wagner took my siblings to task for their unreasonable positions and their behaviour, and by the end of the meeting Mr. Wagner drafted and finalized a settlement agreement that, with their lawyers’ advice, they signed there and then.

Thank you, Mr. Wagner, for everything you have for me, I will never forget you for all the strength that you gave me when I needed it the most.

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